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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy and Strategy

  • Dedicated IT director on site for full evaluations
  • Monitor your IT life cycle and budgets
  • Create forward IT plans for new projects
  • Discuss NEW technology relevant to your market
  • Annual IT roadmap for your organisation

Do you know what you want your IT systems to provide over the next decade? Compucare’s IT Consultancy will help you to plan your IT system ready for the future, not just today.

An effective IT strategy can help you gain “competitive advantage” and also increase and maintain your chance of business success. Compucare Systems positions itself to help businesses with their IT strategy via our in-house IT Consultancy service by ensuring that the IT systems that are implemented today are not redundant tomorrow or a quick fix, makeshift solution that only works short-term. The overall costs to you when getting this wrong is enormous, and is why any business, whether SME or PLC should avoid this at all costs. 

Effective IT Consultancy avoids costly mistakes.

Most companies buy their IT services and hardware as and when the need arises ie “we need a new Small Business Server – so where can we buy one”. However when you need to make the bigger, deeper technical decisions about your IT Networking or software requirements, this process can be unrewarding. 

Compucare Systems IT Consultancy takes a long-term approach to your Information Technology and works effortlessly to ensure that the IT Software and Hardware recommendations we provide you will satisfy your IT strategy for today and are not redundant tomorrow. A successfully chosen IT strategy and IT system once designed and developed successfully can be the tool that differentiates them from their competitors. As enabling modern business to reduce costs and improve efficiency is a key performance driver.

What our IT Consultancy offers?

At Compucare Systems we know that every business can be different, and so every company’s needs can be different. So our approach is to not to offer you an “off the shelf” package, but tailor your specific IT requirements to your business needs for today and into tomorrow. Thus resulting in one-off ad-hoc IT projects or long-term ongoing IT Consultancy.

We begin our consultancy by identifying the client’s immediate IT needs and any technical issues the business has encountered or envisions and sets out to achieve. As part, we also create a structured IT Strategy document on behalf of the client and use this in order to move forward and develop their IT strategy. Sometimes a client will already have an IT strategy in use, and know exactly what needs to be done so that their IT systems can achieve the IT targets that have been identified. In these cases, we work together with their in house IT department so that we ensure the correct IT solutions are implemented and undertaken in a manner with a positive end result.

I'm an experienced IT Professional, I don’t need IT Consultancy!!

Some of our newest clients have never ever used an IT Consultant and in this workplace scenario there is sufficient IT resources available internally to help complete this role. In some cases we find that our IT knowledgebase when dealing with a unique, diverse range of clients of varying sizes and industries rewards us with new innovative ideas and processes which have or have not been considered by the client. Or have perhaps been binned or mothballed due to a lack of resource – this however could in fact save the business money that could be reinvested elsewhere within their business. Our IT expertise and knowledgebase is not something that can be downloaded from a CD and can only be gained from well established IT Consultancies who have vast experience.

The common technical issues and factors we hear can be resolved by quick and easy fixes as that is exactly what is required - no more, no less. Therefore please be assured that when using our IT Consultancy you will see efficiencies developed throughout your organisation.

If interested in our IT Consultancy services then please call and we will be happy to discuss your IT requirements.

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