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Compucare Systems Ltd are a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider with over 25 years of invaluable experience in providing IT Services and Support to SME and Non-Profit sectors.

We can help your small business or charity to benefit from the vast array of often confusing cloud services and solutions through individual assessment of your requirements and impartial advice.

Compucare provide public, private and hybrid cloud solutions from Office 365 hosted email and file sharing through to dedicated private cloud server infrastructures. We are not a dedicated cloud nor on-premise solutions provider as many IT providers now are, so you can be assured of receiving the best advice based on what is best for you, not us!

Whilst it may be that a full cloud solution is not suitable for your organisation at this time, we can also advise on getting the most cost effective and efficient cloud services in place for you, from hosted email through to cloud data backup. 

Our success has been formed on building long lasting client relationships, and you will receive the highest level of professional ongoing support and customer service our clients have come to expect.

Want to learn more about Cloud Computing and how it may affect your organisation? Contact Compucare to arrange an impartial free assessment and proposal. 

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Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services from day to day applications such as email to storage and server infrastructures, typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis.

Rather than owning their own computing infrastructure or data centres, organisations can rent access to applications, services and infrastructures from a cloud service provider.

A common example would be to implement cloud file sharing and collaboration using Microsoft Office 365 to replace a server that is  physically located within an organisations office. This removes the ongoing requirement to maintain and upgrade the server hardware and software whilst providing access to files from anywhere and on many different devices such as tablets, mobile phones, etc. This is one benefit of using cloud computing services, that reduces the upfront cost in developing your IT infrastructure through server replacement, etc, and instead pay for what you use on a subscription basis.

Cloud computing services cover a vast range of options now, from the basics of storage, networking, and processing power through to natural language processing and artificial intelligence as well as standard office applications. Pretty much any service that doesn’t require you to be physically close to the computer hardware that you are using can now be delivered via the cloud.

Compucare can assist you whether you want to migrate from one cloud service to another, e.g. a hosted email service to Office 365 right through to the design and implementation of a private remote desktop solution to replace an existing on-site server setup.

Cloud computing charges are usually based on a pay as you use/ pay as you go subscription normally on a monthly basis, however often with longer term commitments e.g. annually. Subscription charges will vary significantly depending on what services, applications, infrastructure is required, user numbers, etc.  

Although, the biggest reason cited by many organisations for moving to cloud computing is cost saving, moving to the cloud is not necessarily a cheaper option, just as renting is not always cheaper than buying in the long term. For example, while it may be easy to start using a new cloud application, migrating existing data or apps to the cloud may be much more complicated and expensive than assumed and ensuring that you account for all initial and ongoing cloud related costs is imperative where costs is the main driving force.

For cloud computing to work successfully, a fast and reliable internet connection is also required, which may mean upgrading to an expensive dedicate leased line if there are no fast broadband options available in your area. This can also increase costs significantly.

In summary, when looking to moving to the cloud, it is important to assess the options and ensure that all initial start-up and ongoing subscription costs are included to accurately compare with other computing solutions.

Cloud computing is a vital component  to every organisation, and you will already be using it to one degree or another, whether it be email, storage, cloud backup, etc.

Moving your applications, storage, servers, etc may be the most important decision regarding IT you are likely to make, so it is imperative that you have all the relevant information, options and costs and not just sign up to what a dedicated cloud provider wants to sell you.  

If you are interest in moving any part of your organisations IT to the cloud, please speak to us first so that we can provide an assessment and impartial advice on the most appropriate and cost effective solutions based on your specific requirements.

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