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As technology has improved accessing company data remotely has become easier and more reliable. Email is a good example of this, many people can now access work email directly via their mobile phone, which is achieved in a few simple steps with the help of one of our technicians.

With the advent of Coronavirus and the subsequent social distancing regulations that are currently in place,  rather than a nice to have option, remote working is now a requirement for many businesses.


Enabling Remote Working – The Business View

As a business or organisation that has decided  or is now required to implement a remote access strategy, several considerations will need to be addressed.

Some of these are:

  • What data are you granting access to?

Are you allowing access to email only or do you need your employees to access other company data such as word documents, spreadsheets and other work related files?


  • Who are you giving access to and what level of trust do they have?

If you are considering giving staff access to documents on your internal server or a cloud server it is likely that you don’t want your accounting or personnel folders  shared with everyone in the office. Compucare Systems can help you choose the best methods of granting secure and controlled access to your company data.


  • Are you providing employees with equipment?

Not all staff will have a laptop or computer available for them to use for remote working. In these situations We can recommend the best hardware and software required to setup a secure connection to your company data and email.


  • Do you need any additional equipment at your office to facilitate this?

Usually if you are providing access to email  or cloud services, you will not need any additional hardware, it may be possible to utilize exiting equipment to create a secure connection.



Security is of paramount importance. You may already have security devices and software in the workplace.

However if you are allowing people to work from home , can you trust the devices that your employees have, or the connections they are using?

Your company data is too important to take a chance with. Comupcare can set up remote workers with a secure  connection to your dataWe can even setup secure connections to cloud services, arrange backups and provide licensing for antivirus products.



Remote Working – The Remote Worker View

Compcare can assist with setting your devices up to connect securely to a workplace server and or cloud service. We can advise on which devices to use, the best equipment to buy and of course the best configuration. It is not uncommon for people working from home to use a shared family computer – Compcare can configure separate work profiles ensuring work documents are kept separate from family members data.

If you are working from home you will need a reliable internet connection and depending on what data you need to access from your workplace, a device capable of creating a VPN connection to your office. We can supply and test a pre-configured router to enable a secure connection.


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