6 Reasons to Move To Sharepoint

Access files from anywhere by uploading to the document library. You can easily drag and drop files or click on upload and select the files to upload. 

Edit files directly from the document library. When you edit a document in the library it will open in Offic Online and be avialable to eveyone with access to that document. You can also edit directly in your Office applications on your computer.

Easily share files and documents with people inside and outside of your organisation, control access to allow editing or viewing only. Set expiry on links that you share.

Work on documents at the same time. Open a document in Office Online you can see who is currently working on the document and where they are in that document, changes are saved instantly.When more than one person is working on a document at the same time it is called co-authoring.

Version control. Accidently updated a file and realised that you made an error? No need to panic, Sharepoint allows reviews of files that have been edited and allows you to compare the revisons before saving or reverting to a previous version.

Security focused. Sharepoint is trusted by governments around the world, the NHS and many businesses both large and small. Robust encryption alongside support and backup from Compucare helps reduce the risk of a single point of failure for your business.