Most Common IT Support Questions

During the course of a typical day in the office of an IT support Company we receive many calls from business all over London and the South East. You might be surprised to learn what the most common questions and problems people that people call us with.

Why can I not print?
Not being able to print, or printouts not looking as they are supposed to. Often a simple power reset can resolve the issue. Checking for connectivity and or driver related issues also often resolves printing issues. Rest assured, most printer problems are usually resolved quickly.

Can you help me to reset my password?
Fortunately our support clients can call our help desk for a password reset, and they can be working again in no time. We recommend choosing a password that that contains a mix of upper and lower case letters, some numbers and a few special characters, in order to ensure your password is secure.

Can I restore a document I have overwritten by mistake?
We are able to help recover previous versions of documents created with Word or Microsoft Excel. Our customers that use Office 365 can take advantage of version controls and the previous versions feature, we can also assist with recovery from backup if needed. For clients without Office 365, attempting to restore previous versions of files is usually an option, as is restoring the file from backup.

How do I improve my WIFI signal? 
WIFI strength can be improved using a number of techniques, from simple repositioning of  WIFI equipment or adding extenders, repeaters and boosters.

Can I get my work email on my mobile phone?
The answer is , in almost all cases, yes. It is easy for our engineers to configure your smart phone to connect to your corporate email system. Most phones such as Apple and Samsung mobiles ( and other Android phones) have wizards that simplify the task.

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